Friday, December 6, 2013

Week 20

With the last of the American media team leaving for America or their country of designation, I am left to ponder over what transpired over the course of this week.  We got much good footage that can be used for the Father's glory.  I am glad I got to be a part of the documentary of the first Hands On Deaf student in order to draw in more workers to focus on the Deaf all over the world who do not know the name above all other names.

The American team arrived Sunday early morning.  We got them acquainted with the transportation, food and the guest house in which they were staying.  Not much else happened this day and we just learned more about each other.  The real work was to begin the next day.

Early Monday morning, I was interviewed by the American team about my time here.  I was asked questions about my story time, my students, my everyday life, etc.  These questions made me think about my five months here in my country of designation.  I've obtained many good memories here and learned many lessons of how to reach out to Deaf people.  Afterwards, I showed the American team the story time with my two students.  I would love to show people back home how story time works and that it is successful in drawing Deaf people in to the good news!  They also got footage of my humble abode, then the day was concluded.

Early Tuesday morning, we traveled to one of my students' house.  They interviewed his mother and himself about how I affected their lives and how JC affected their lives.  Evidently, since I've been teaching my student, he has been bringing home what he learned to his mother.  This changed his mother's view on the good news and learned that she does not need a religious official to teach her the ways of the good news.  If her son could learn on his own, so could she!  What an eye-opener for the family!  I am glad JC could use me to incite this change in the family.  Then, so concluded the day.

Early Wednesday morning, we traveled to my other students' house.  Again, they interviewed his mother and himself about how I affected their lives and how JC affected their lives.  My student started teaching more Deaf people about what he learned ever since I started teaching him the good news.  While I do not know what the mother said in her interview, I do know that there is a change that JC incited within the family of his mother, brother and sister.  Praise the Father!

Thursday morning was the interview day for my supervisors.  My supervisors and I also showed the story crafting process to the cameras.  It was also on this day that I showed the normalcy of my life here by shopping, traveling, bartering, etc.  The purpose of this was to show the Deaf back home that I could fare well on my own, though being on my own was out of the ordinary.  Usually workers are a pair.  This was to show that they had nothing to fear by being in a strange, alien country and being deaf.  I can survive with the help of JC and the Deaf will witness that!

Friday was the normal believers' gathering, but unfortunately the American team was barred from attending.  Understandably, the leader feared the disclosure of the private location where the Deaf believers could safely gather.  However, I also learned I would be missed.  The Deaf gave me a beautiful hand-stitched picture with a verse.  The leader also gave me a 'Merry Christmas' card both in English and the language here.  I said many good-byes to the Deaf I've come to know and love.  It was bittersweet, but I informed them if I should never come back, I would still see them when the kingdom comes!  Afterwards, we went to a Deaf association to get insider information on how the Deaf here get financial support and rights.  Then after the team went back to the guesthouse, I went back to my apartment for the final time to pack everything and give the final pay to my maid.  I said goodbye to the landlord and left the apartment.

The day is dawning closer and closer that I will leave this country and go back to India for debriefing.  As such, this is the final blog I will write in my country of designation.  The most final blog will be next week's, the 21st blog.  I've had a wild ride and I've learned so much while I was here.  I am glad I can continue to use this to proclaim JC's glory more efficiently to the Deaf back home.  This is Kevin, signing off for the final time from my country of designation.  I love... Bangladesh.

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