Friday, December 6, 2013

Week 20

With the last of the American media team leaving for America or their country of designation, I am left to ponder over what transpired over the course of this week.  We got much good footage that can be used for the Father's glory.  I am glad I got to be a part of the documentary of the first Hands On Deaf student in order to draw in more workers to focus on the Deaf all over the world who do not know the name above all other names.

The American team arrived Sunday early morning.  We got them acquainted with the transportation, food and the guest house in which they were staying.  Not much else happened this day and we just learned more about each other.  The real work was to begin the next day.

Early Monday morning, I was interviewed by the American team about my time here.  I was asked questions about my story time, my students, my everyday life, etc.  These questions made me think about my five months here in my country of designation.  I've obtained many good memories here and learned many lessons of how to reach out to Deaf people.  Afterwards, I showed the American team the story time with my two students.  I would love to show people back home how story time works and that it is successful in drawing Deaf people in to the good news!  They also got footage of my humble abode, then the day was concluded.

Early Tuesday morning, we traveled to one of my students' house.  They interviewed his mother and himself about how I affected their lives and how JC affected their lives.  Evidently, since I've been teaching my student, he has been bringing home what he learned to his mother.  This changed his mother's view on the good news and learned that she does not need a religious official to teach her the ways of the good news.  If her son could learn on his own, so could she!  What an eye-opener for the family!  I am glad JC could use me to incite this change in the family.  Then, so concluded the day.

Early Wednesday morning, we traveled to my other students' house.  Again, they interviewed his mother and himself about how I affected their lives and how JC affected their lives.  My student started teaching more Deaf people about what he learned ever since I started teaching him the good news.  While I do not know what the mother said in her interview, I do know that there is a change that JC incited within the family of his mother, brother and sister.  Praise the Father!

Thursday morning was the interview day for my supervisors.  My supervisors and I also showed the story crafting process to the cameras.  It was also on this day that I showed the normalcy of my life here by shopping, traveling, bartering, etc.  The purpose of this was to show the Deaf back home that I could fare well on my own, though being on my own was out of the ordinary.  Usually workers are a pair.  This was to show that they had nothing to fear by being in a strange, alien country and being deaf.  I can survive with the help of JC and the Deaf will witness that!

Friday was the normal believers' gathering, but unfortunately the American team was barred from attending.  Understandably, the leader feared the disclosure of the private location where the Deaf believers could safely gather.  However, I also learned I would be missed.  The Deaf gave me a beautiful hand-stitched picture with a verse.  The leader also gave me a 'Merry Christmas' card both in English and the language here.  I said many good-byes to the Deaf I've come to know and love.  It was bittersweet, but I informed them if I should never come back, I would still see them when the kingdom comes!  Afterwards, we went to a Deaf association to get insider information on how the Deaf here get financial support and rights.  Then after the team went back to the guesthouse, I went back to my apartment for the final time to pack everything and give the final pay to my maid.  I said goodbye to the landlord and left the apartment.

The day is dawning closer and closer that I will leave this country and go back to India for debriefing.  As such, this is the final blog I will write in my country of designation.  The most final blog will be next week's, the 21st blog.  I've had a wild ride and I've learned so much while I was here.  I am glad I can continue to use this to proclaim JC's glory more efficiently to the Deaf back home.  This is Kevin, signing off for the final time from my country of designation.  I love... Bangladesh.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 19

Last week I had something to do everyday, which was a first.  I was so exhausted by the end of the week!  I don't remember specifics.  I taught my two deaf students, I shopped for Christmas gifts, and I went to the American club for a birthday party.  I had mentoring meetings as well.  I woke up at 7:30am nearly every morning, which I really only do for Friday's gathering (which I also attended last week).  So with that out of the way, below is a list of items I would love for you to petition the Father for.

1. Next week a camera crew is supposed to come and film a typical week in my life here.  There are a few problems, the biggest being the possibility of a rally next week.  If that is the case, the week will consist of staying at home and pretty much being uneventful.  Please petition the Father that He hold back the rallies until the week is finished.  This filming is important for the Deaf workers to bring in more recruits for the kingdom.  Also ask Him that the week go smoothly.

2. My time here is almost up.  Ask Him that wrap up goes smoothly.  Ask Him that I don't forget to say what needs to be said to Deaf people here.  Ask Him that I'll be ok with leaving (I love the Deaf here, and I'll miss them!).  Ask Him that my time in India my last few days will be worthy of His kingdom.  Ask Him that my flight back to the states will be well and void of problems.

That is all for my blog.  There will be 1 or 2 more of these and then homeward bound!  I'm excited to see all of you back in the states so I can tell you all about my adventures abroad!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 18

Yes, last week is the week to praise the Father!  We had two successful dunkings, plus a third who was hearing who got dunked by my supervisor.  This was a time of great joy!  But of course, nothing goes without hiccups.

Originally I was supposed to dunk six deaf people.  One just stopped showing up at the meetings to schedule a time and place for the dunking.  So now down to five.  Then two more were convinced to wait by another leader until December 25th.  They look up to the leader more since they knew her for years and received instruction from her all that time.  I have no quips with this since they will still get dunked in time.  So petition the Father for those two!  The last one to get cancelled was the one that burdened me most.  In a freak occurrence that happened to my friend, his true motives for accepting JC were revealed.  He wanted to go to America, he wanted money, he wanted the prestige of having relations with Americans, he wanted food.  He equated JC with comfort and success.  This was a sad revelation to me, and a heavy burden as well.  This one was different as he was not the one to cancel, but I was.  He proved himself to not be ready.  But I am still willing to teach him if he wants for the little time I have left here.  Please petition on his behalf that the true motive for accepting JC is JC Himself!  Now the remaining two I was to dunk have definitely shown me to be ready, and what a joyous occasion it was!

They got dunked Saturday at 4pm my time, 5am Eastern time.  These two were my first dunkings, so I was excited for a very good reason!  I had them say a little about what they were like before JC, then I petitioned the Father on his behalf.  Then I dunked him in the name of the Father, the Son and the Spirit.  Whoo hoo!  The second dunking had a little hiccup, in which his head hit the bathtub.  It wasn't a hard hit, but it prevented his head from going under!  So he moved forward a little and... successful dunk otherwise.  Whoo hoo!  Afterward we sang songs of praise.  This was a joyful day.

Again, please petition the Father for the two yet to be dunked, the one that just stopped showing up for some reason, and for the one that is not yet ready and hasn't properly received the good news.  And ask Him to make ready my heart to leave this place in a few weeks, knowing contentedly that I have finished the race here and did what the Father asked me to do.  The work here is incomplete, but I know I have fought the good fight here and did all the Father asked me to do.  Here's to the Father willing that my last few weeks be filled with His glory!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 17

Wow, another late blog.  That means, yep you guessed it, nothing eventful really happened.  So I'll do this one on petition requests just like last week!

Let's begin with last week Thursday.  We met with the three Deaf people to talk about dunking.  Thank you for your petitions for that!  We were surprised that day, because those three brought some friends with them.  It turns out they are also new brothers and in need of dunking too!  Which means the number of people getting dunked has gone up from three to six!  Whoo!  So we would appreciate your petitions for the next meeting Thursday to discuss the location and time of the dunking, which has already been determined.  We're excited!

As you may have heard from my mother, there are a lot of protests happening around this time of the year, with elections and all.  The protests here are violent and sometimes people get hurt.  So long as I stay inside during these protests, which are announced at least a week in advance, I shall continue being safe.  But please petition for my safety, the safety of my supervisors and the safety of my Deaf friends.

Regarding the petition request of the new brother that was kicked out on the street last week, he is now safe and staying under the care of one of the shepherds in the city.  But continue petitioning for him because my supervisors said it's common for this kind of thing to continue for at least six months.  He needs to be strong and firm in the Father during this time.

One last thing.  Read Matthew 9:37-38.  As of right now, the only people working towards the Deaf all over the world in the company I'm currently under total to a measly 45 people.  Please petition the Father to send more workers for the harvest all over the world!  Speaking of this, I'm also thinking of a career in this same company for the rest of my life as a harvester of the Deaf.  So please petition the Father to steer me towards this path if this is His will for me.  Thank you.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 16

Yes I know, this blog is late.  However, not much really happened last week.  I simply attended the usual gathering Friday and taught them a story.  So this post will be dedicated to petition requests.

Please lift up our new brother.  He is hearing and his family kicked him out of the house.  His dad broke his cell phone.  He has decided to live on the streets.  His friends are mocking him.  He needs comfort from the Father.  He needs to grow as a brother.  He needs a place to stay.  So please lift him up in all these regards!

Please lift three deaf people up.  They, too, became my new brothers.  They will be coming over Thursday (11/7) in order for me, a deaf brother and my supervisors to teach them the importance of getting dunked in water.  We will be teaching them of what to expect from what may come.  To our knowledge, their family does not share their sentiments.  So please lift me, my deaf brother and my supervisors up to teach the three new brothers the correct lessons.  And lift the three new brothers that they will be understanding and know what JC wants from them.

That's all for this blog post, so please be in constant petition for us.  Thank you!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 15

As I said last blog, I was visiting Thailand last week for a visa run.  Whoo, boy!  It sure was a fun visit!  I learned much for my job back in my designated country.  I met a few national Thai Deaf people and other workers from America at the same job as I am now.  I also got to sight-see a little of Thailand as well.  In all, last week sure was enjoyable!

On Sunday we flew there at 10pm, but landed there at 2am Monday.  We sure were tired, but that didn't stop us from waking up at 8am for breakfast!  I wanted to protest, but I did not.  After breakfast was done, we headed to the canal for a boat taxi.  Yep, a boat taxi!  The canal sure was wide and long.  I enjoyed feeling the air whipping in my face as we sped down the canal to our location.  The location was my designated country's embassy.  I filled out the paperwork and got confirmation from a bank about payment, and went on my merry way.  Oh wait, except the whole ordeal of finding the bank that is!  Thai people sure give weird directions.  We went the roundabout way, and walked.  We were very tired when we arrived at the bank.  On the way back, we found a shorter way!  That was quite a laugh when we found out we could have saved so much walking.  Anyways, we went back to the guest house to meet a Deaf worker and a couple that does the same work in northern Thailand.  We went out to eat for a very late lunch and that's about it for Monday!

The next day, breakfast at 8am again.  This time I made sure to have plenty of night rest unlike Monday!  After that, we went to the embassy around 10am via boat taxi again.  When we arrived there, we found out we could only pick up visas between 3pm to 5pm!  Can anyone say "wasted trip?"  Anyways, we went back to the guest house to rest just a little longer before heading out.  We headed out in the afternoon to go to a coffee shop run by workers just like me situated in Thailand.  We ate there, and we signed to each other.  It was quite a fun experience and I learned just a little more about what my work meant to Deaf people wherever the Father may place me.  We finished talking around late afternoon.  We all decided to go to the Deaf worker's place of residence.  This is when I got to ride the SKY TRAIN!  Of course, this is just a normal metro that Americans would see as well in our urban cities such as New York or Atlanta.  However, that did not stop my glee as I had a good view of Thailand as we sped across the sky!  I noticed Thailand has many malls and places to eat.  This is, of course, one of the popular tourist spots.  We were planning on hanging out with Deaf nationals that the Deaf worker knows, but we waited too late at the residence and they left.  Oh well.  We simply went back to the guest house and slept for the next day.

Wednesday, we had breakfast again at 8am (sensing a pattern yet?).  For the day, the Deaf workers and us decided to go sight-seeing.  We went to one of their favorite malls.  They had cars on the fourth floor!  And I do mean the WHOLE fourth floor was filled with cars.  That is a typical mall in Thailand, each floor focusing on one aspect of shopping.  One floor could be clothes, the other makeup, and another books, and so on.  However, each floor was HUGE!  Each floor took about 10 minutes to walk the length of it.  It was quite a sight, but my legs and feet hurt after that experience!  We took a break for lunch.  It was at this time that I continued learning about what my future could be in this line of work as well as my current work and how to do more effectively at it.  This was a great learning discussion for me and I'm grateful to the Deaf worker for imparting his knowledge to me.  Afterwards, we looked around the mall some more until it was close to 3pm.  We went back to the embassy and successfully picked up my visa with no hassle at all!  I honestly don't remember the rest of the day from this point, so on to Thursday!

Thursday, breakfast 8am.  Moving on!  This was the day the couple was going back to northern Thailand, so we hung out at their favorite mall.  They left around the afternoon after we had lunch.  I had Krispy Kreme for desert that lunch!  MMMM!  Anyways, we sorta shopped a little.  I didn't buy anything, but my supervisors did.  Not much to say about this day, except we did a lot of sight seeing in just one particular mall.  My legs and feet hurt a lot this day, so I was glad to get home.

Friday, the day we leave.  We shopped some more.  We had a Thai massage this day as well.  I didn't really like it as it hurt constantly, oh well.  Then we went back to our designated country for a well-deserved rest from the whole week.

Saturday, Sunday and today there's not much to tell since I'm stuck indoors due to some circumstances.  I hope this journal of my experiences last week prove to be entertaining!  Don't be afraid to ask me any questions if you can get in touch with me!  Love you all!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 14

I bet you're wondering why I'm posting my weekly blog a day early.  Well, read until the end to find out!  Anyways, the Colorado team left Friday, meaning my supervisors and I finally had a chance to relax after non-stop moving around the whole week.  We were very thankful for the help of the Colorado team the whole week in sharing with Deaf people.

Tuesday, we went to a Deaf person's city and shared with two houses.  The first house was my Deaf friend's family's house.  I'm sure I mentioned this same house in an earlier blog.  The family loved meeting the Colorado team.  They shared using pictures and the colored beads representing the good news.  The second house belonged to a family who was friends with my Deaf friend.  Two of the family members were Deaf.  We did not really share at this house, but we had fun socializing with them.

Wednesday was a Muslim holiday.  The team and I witnessed butchers slitting the neck of two cows and bleeding them out.  That was a sight I'd like to forget.  However, the following sight of them masterfully cutting up the meat and arranging it in third portions to give away to family, mosque and the poor people.  Overall, this was a good experience regardless of the beginning of the process.  After that, it was just more relaxing and I crafted one story.

Thursday was mostly quiet.  This day was the day before the team left to go back to the States.  So this day we shared what we learned the entire team's stay.  I also helped film their individual narratives of what they learned during their stay here.  Inclusive within the interviews were two of my Deaf friends and students, and also an interpreter who lives here.  We tried to go shopping, but the holidays were still mostly active, and so the majority of material shops were closed.  Only the food shops were open.  I and three other team members visited a house of someone they met on the plane here.  We ended up staying until nearly midnight.  We were exhausted that day!  It didn't help matters that they had to get up at 4am to go to the airport.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday (today) were mostly resting days.  So nothing really happened on these days.

Now for the finale of this blog, the very reason I am posting a day early.  I am going to... drumroll please... Thailand!  This is supposed to be for a visa run, but incidentally we will be staying there for a whole week as the embassy prepares my visa.  So this also doubles as a vacation!  Whoo!  However, I would also like to share with some Deaf people there as well.  So please ask Him for Deaf people that we can share with.  You all will be hearing of my adventures in Thailand when I return.  So look for that.  Bye y'all and see you on here when I get back!